International Bar Association: 2019 Annual Conference

September 22-29, 2019
Mark K. Hsu
Coex Convention & Exhibition Center

513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The IBA’s Law Firm Management Committee and the Young Lawyers’ Committee present the topic: The future ‘T-shaped’ lawyer: emotional intelligence or artificial intelligence… or both? Which one will keep the new generation of lawyers interested, engaged and motivated?

Twentieth-century lawyers were ‘L-shaped’ – they had deep legal knowledge and skills – but 21st-century lawyers must be ‘T-shaped’. A T-shaped lawyer still has deep legal expertise but also has the ability to collaborate across many disciplines, such as technology, business, analytics and data security and to embrace artificial intelligence (AI). But what about emotional intelligence (EI)?

We know that EI has a huge role to play in being a successful lawyer and leader. It is certainly important to millennials and Gen Z. But do law firms support and encourage the development of an EI culture? And are they too quick to embrace and be seduced by AI without realizing its consequences to the practice of law?


  • Mark Hsu, Partner, Hawkins Parnell & Young, Website Officer, Young Lawyers’ Committee
  • Eesun Kwon, Parnter, Shin & Kim, Seoul, South Korea
  • Tahera Mandviwala, Partner, TDT Legal, Mumbai, India; Website and Communications Officer, Law Firm Management Committee
  • Rasem Kamal, Managing Partner, Kamal & Associates, West Bank, West Bank and Gaza; Middle East Liaison Officer, Law Firm Management Committee