Claims and Litigation Management Alliance 2018 Midwest Conference

June 14-15, 2018
The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago

909 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Jenni Young is speaking on the topic, "The Future of Successful Litigation Management: 2020 Is Not Just for Hindsight Anymore."

Description: There has been a lot of talk and energy devoted to the idea of good litigation management. An entire industry has built up around it and careers have been destroyed because of it. But, for all the resources expended on trying to beat down costs and make litigation more efficient, do we know what’s next? Even if a new discipline has been imposed on yesterday's free-form claim resolution, what about tomorrow? What are the issues that will challenge us and how can they be overcome?  This panel of insurance industry professionals and experienced outside counsel will identify the looming forces that will shape litigation management in the coming decades for insurance companies, litigation departments, and law firms alike. Takeaways for attendees will include:

  • While it is true that “we know what we are, but know not what we may be. Hamlet, 4.5.43-4, lawyers and insurance professionals will undoubtedly continue to be confronted in the future with great forces of change affecting their daily practices and how they spend their time. The wise professional will take steps now to anticipate and meet the challenges of those changes, training themselves and their colleagues and readying themselves for the coming brave new world.
  • Trials and, indeed, live court hearings of any kind, are likely to become more and more rare and justice, like shopping for clothes or groceries, conducted on an increasingly remote basis.  Resolving claims amicably or through litigation in the world of virtual courtrooms and remote justice will require a different insurance and legal skill set than is now typical and cases will likely proceed in ways currently unforeseen.
  • Insurance companies and law firms are unlikely to be structured in the manner typical today.  The successful manager must identify where insurance and legal professionals may be found, develop their skills to meet the changing expectations of companies, firms, regulators, insureds and clients and determine how they can best be utilized and retained.  Large claim departments and law firms shaped like pyramids and diamonds are both likely to soon be relics of a bygone era, leaving industry leaders with the challenge of managing their human and material resources in new and different ways.