HPY Obtains Defense Verdict in Georgia Occupational Exposure Trial

May 1, 2013 – Press Release

May 1, 2013 (Atlanta, GA) – Peter York and Kristin Martin obtained a defense verdict in an occupational exposure case they tried for a week and a half in the State Court of Fulton County, Georgia before Judge Susan Forsling. The Plaintiff contended he inhaled fiberglass dust and chemical fumes at a power plant job site resulting in occupational asthma, irritant induced asthma and RADS. The Plaintiff had not worked since the alleged exposure and claimed total permanent disability.  He also claimed $860,000 in past and future lost earnings and had a $1,200,000 life care plan. The Plaintiff’s treating pulmonologist and three other doctors testified on the Plaintiff's behalf.  Liability issues were hotly contested. The Plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury for $6,600,000 in his closing argument, and after an hour of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict for the Defendant.