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Law360 Covers Hawkins Parnell Successfully Securing Dismissal for Hotel Owner in High-Profile Sex Trafficking Case

August 29, 2023 – Media Coverage

A recent Law360 article authored by Faith Williams, highlights a significant achievement by Hawkins Parnell’s C. Shane Keith and Elliott Ream in an 11-plaintiff sex trafficking case involving multiple companies associated with two Red Roof Inn locations in Atlanta. The case garnered attention due to its allegations of sex trafficking and prostitution occurring at the properties.

In the Law360 article titled "Hotel Owner Dropped From Georgia Sex Trafficking Suit," the firm's effectiveness is showcased as U.S. District Judge Victoria M. Calvert granted the joint request to dismiss claims against Varahi Hotel LLC, a Georgia hotel owner. This dismissal, issued with prejudice, removed Varahi Hotel LLC from the litigation, which centered around corporate and franchise owners of Red Roof Inn hotels in Smyrna, Georgia, and Atlanta's Buckhead district.

The plaintiffs accused the defendants, including Varahi Hotel LLC, of violating the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA), Georgia’s RICO statutes and other common laws by allowing sex trafficking to occur at the hotels and benefiting from the illicit activities. C. Shane Keith and Elliott Ream, representing Varahi Hotel LLC, worked diligently to resolve the claims against Varahi and those covered by the Franchise Agreement in place between Varahi and other defendants. The court ultimately approved the dismissal of claims against Varahi Hotel LLC, marking a significant development in the case.

The Hawkins Parnell team’s proficiency and commitment to their client's defense, resulted in a favorable outcome and underscores the firm's ability in handling complex and high-profile cases, showcasing their ability to secure dismissals even in challenging legal contexts.

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