Structuring Options for ESOP Transactions: Advanced Techniques for ERISA Counsel and Plan Sponsors

September 25, 2018 at 1:00pm2:30pm (EDT)

This live webcast will provide ERISA counsel and plan sponsors guidance on advanced structuring techniques for employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) transactions. The panel will discuss options for counsel and plan sponsors pursuing ESOP transactions to address complex legal obstacles, the use of warrants and clawbacks, financing alternatives, and other items to consider in ESOP transaction planning. The panel will review these and other crucial issues, including:

  • Recognizing DOL standards for fiduciaries in ESOP transactions
  • Financing options for ESOP transactions
  • Post-transaction price adjustments and the use of clawbacks and earn-outs
  • Incentive plan options for management and key employees
  • Key terms and provisions of ESOP transactions
  • Proper documentation of valuation reports and transaction agreements