National Center for Employee Ownership: Best Practices for ESOP Boards of Directors

September 22, 2015 at 9:30am10:30am (PDT)

Rachel Markun from the Napa office will be presenting The National Center for Employee Ownership webinar titled, "Best Practices for ESOP Boards of Directors."

About this meeting:

Over the last several years, more ESOP companies have decided to move to more formal boards. Many have outside members, but even those with all insiders are often taking a more active role. This Webinar looks at what makes an effective board. Should there be outside directors? What should their qualifications and compensation be? Should there be non-management employees on the board? Should board members be fiduciaries? Should plan advisors be on the board? What should board duties be and what makes boards most productive?

You will learn:

  • Who should be on a board and what they should do.
  • How ESOP company boards differ from conventional boards.