Applying the Collateral Source Rule in Personal Injury Trials: Medical Expenses, Insurance Write-Offs

September 15, 2021 at 1:00pm2:30pm (EDT)

This CLE webinar hosted by Strafford will guide counsel in personal injury cases on contending with new applications of the collateral source rule and increasingly contentious battles over a reasonably incurred medical expense. Defendants have been asserting and using the collateral source rule to exclude evidence of the plaintiff's medical expenses by claiming that write-offs and lower reimbursement rates mean that the full amount of the medical costs were not "incurred." Hawkins Parnell & Young partner Martin Levinson will review how states have responded, identify the parties' strategies, and explain how differences in hospitals' and insurers' reimbursement and recovery of costs and expenses impact these issues and how the collateral source rule affects damages and recovery.