ALFA International 2022 Construction Law Seminar

July 27-29, 2022
The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara

8301 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93117

E. Tyron Brown is speaking at the 2022 Construction Law Seminar hosted by ALFA International. His panel is titled: The Brave New World of Prevention Through Design.

Panel Description

Traditionally, design professionals’ contracts disclaim any duty for construction site safety and allocate that responsibility solely to the construction contractor. Proponents of a safety initiative called Prevention through Design (PtD) are advocating for a change in these traditional roles. They contend that design professionals should expressly consider the safety of construction workers (and others) when designing projects. While all can agree that safety of workers is of paramount importance, our panelists will discuss the risks, rewards, and potential for unintended consequences not only for design firms who adopt PtD principles, but also for other participants in the design and construction process