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ALFA International: 2020 International Client Seminar

March 12-15, 2020
JW Marco Island

400 S Collier Blvd, Marco Island, FL 34145

Kathryn S. Whitlock is speaking on the panel session titled: “Reply All”: Has the Attorney-Client Relationship Suffered in an Over-Connected World, Why it Matters and Can We Make it Better?

Description: The world is changing as it always has and always will. Technology enables us to research law from all over the country, to meet “face-to-face” through video chat, and to review statistics about hundreds of cases in order to better understand the one we are working on. It also allows attorney-selection based on electronically compiled metrics, the review of attorney fee bills through computer programs, and instantaneous electronic communication at all hours of the day – and night. As businesses continually seek to become more profitable and efficient the push to contain costs reaches down into legal departments. For lawyers, both inside and out, the pressure is on. Like it or not, this is law practice 3.0.

In this brave new world questions abound. Are lawyers and law firms fungible? Does a 3 a.m. email or a reply-all really move things along? How do big data and metrics affect the selection of counsel and the management of litigation both in the legal department and at the law firm? At a bigger level, are we glorifying being “busy”? Has the relentless forward march of progress worn us all down a little? Is the personal connection being lost? Is it better now than it used to be- or just different?

Kate will explore these issues and more in a fast-paced and interactive discussion with perspectives from the corporate legal department, insurance carriers, and outside counsel..