Hawkins Parnell & Young's national litigation team is helping businesses across the United States navigate unprecedented legal challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtually every industry and job function has been impacted by the novel coronavirus outbreak. Many businesses will collapse from a myriad of litigation, investigatory, and regulatory costs – while others will thrive.

Hawkins Parnell’s COVID-19 Task Force is assisting clients with the significant risks and opportunities stemming from COVID-19. We are providing the latest insights and resources to guide our clients through this dynamic and constantly evolving situation. With a deep bench of first-chair trial lawyers and defense strategists, Hawkins Parnell’s 135-lawyer litigation team is working together to ensure each of our clients is afforded the firm’s collective knowledge and expertise on COVID-19 across a broad range of legal fields and industries.

Although trial success in high-stakes and bet-the-company litigation has always been the hallmark of Hawkins Parnell, our attorneys combine their unparalleled courtroom experience with their deep industry knowledge to manage litigation as regional and national counsel. Because of the depth of our expertise and experience handling complex medical, scientific, and technical issues, clients have also called upon us to globally manage the liability and/or medical aspects of litigation. We are known for employing many different techniques to present a client’s unique defense in litigation. Hawkins Parnell’s innovative attorneys have been involved in developing several of the major defense themes used across the country to showcase a defendant’s unique story in the context of traditional exposure and proximate cause defenses. Our experience has prepared us to help clients cope with the most challenging COVID-19 issues.

Many businesses are facing an onslaught of COVID-19 lawsuits from employees, customers, and shareholders. We are already seeing the potential abuses of this litigation. As experienced trial and national counsel to dozens of corporate defendants, Hawkins Parnell has developed an industry-leading model to manage and defend litigation on a local, national, or global scale. We develop corporate stories and strategic defenses for corporations in single and multi-jurisdictional litigation. With Hawkins Parnell at the helm, clients can maintain consistent business practices, proactively address emerging issues, and navigate the challenging course of litigation.