Tony Bridges v. Revco Discount Drug Stores, Inc. et al.

Date: February 2003
Court: State Court of Fulton County

C.A. File No. 00-VS-00477C

Plaintiff, a local driver for a delivery service, claimed to have received a misfill of medication from Revco/CVS drugstores. The misfill was a double dose of a decongestant and antihistamine.  As a result of this misfill, Plaintiff allegedly sustained a variety of injuries but was primarily claiming to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Plaintiff had a board certified psychiatrist who opined that as a result of the misfill Plaintiff was suffering from disabling post-traumatic stress disorder. Defendant admitted the misfill but challenged the case based upon causation and Plaintiff's alleged post-traumatic stress disorder. Plaintiff claimed $2,500 in medical expenses and $29,000 in lost wages. Additionally, Plaintiff claimed that he would have continuing psychiatric bills and lost wages. Plaintiff also sought punitive damages. Plaintiff's demand for trial was $250,000. Defendant's highest offer during trial was $55,000. The verdict was $1,000.