HPY Sponsors the Inaugural Asbestos Defense Strategic Summit

November 11, 2009

On November 11, 2009 from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM at the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach Florida, Hawkins Parnell & Young, LLP will be co-sponsoring the inaugural Asbestos Defense Strategic Summit.

This Year's Program Consists of:

Substantial Factor, Factual Cause: What is the standard? New Trial Evidentiary Methods. How To Get Your Jury To Accept The Defense? A panel of speakers including defense lawyers and jury consultants.

"Every Breath" and "Every Exposure" opinions: Rulings and Approaches How to cross the experts, what cases to use, and what articles are best.

Medical Update: What is new? How to effectively use cigarette use in a mesothelioma case? Lawyers and a physician discuss.

State of the Art- A Forgotten Defense? How to evaluate whether SOA fits? What questions to ask at trial. How to prepare the jury in voir dire.

U.S. Navy as the EMPTY CHAIR? The existing successes with this defense. How to use the documents and memos. How to create the issue..

Friction Products: Life after GM and Chrysler, and the realities for friction defendants: Lawyers and IH demonstrate the correct approaches, the downsides, and the articles that you need.

The Fiber Type Issue and the Chrysotile Defense: The articles, charts, and discussions of effective techniques.

Litigation Trends and Predictions 2009: Where are the cases going to be filed? How many will there be? Who are the lawyers? New plaintiff firms, Alliances, and Realignments.

Longo Greatest Hits and How To Deal With Them: A review of the work place simulations and suggestions for trial approaches.

Plaintiff and Defense Experts: An in-depth approach to these witness with suggestions for cross and use.

The Bankruptcy Trusts: Experts show you how to get what you need.

The Employer as the EMPTY CHAIR: Some suggestions on new approaches to cases with exposure dates after 1971.

2009 Trials and Verdicts: Where were the trials and what were the verdicts?

Talc and Vermiculite Cases Update: What is the prospect?

The Government Contractor Defense: What is the current status and how do you best use it

Medicare Secondary Payer Issues

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